In all honesty, I don’t blog. I was never into social media. I typically don’t share things about me. This will be one of very few posts where I write about me. I’m writing this it because I don’t want to launch a blog without any posts, but why am I starting one at all?

To put it simply, exposure. I started Appsolutely Wonderful in August 2020 because I had this “great” idea to make a Text Message Reminder SaaS. We don’t need to get into why I thought this was a good idea. Since then it’s mostly been a bank account for my freelancing, of which I’ve had 2 clients so far. I don’t know that I’m necessarily looking for clients now, but I want to grow some public interest.

I started my first real social media account on instagram (I know, I’m behind the times) to share some progress photos on my projects. It’s one thing to just share pictures of things as they’re going along, and then it’s another thing to write about them. By writing, I can share my knowledge and experience with others. If I do some write ups on my projects, people will be able to see how I made things work, and they can copy that to help with their own projects. It also doubles as a portfolio, anyone who wants to see my work can come here.

Maybe one day someone cleverer than I will come and see one of my projects and they’ll think it’s actually worth something and we’ll turn it into a profitable business. Who knows? But if I don’t do this then people won’t benefit, I won’t have any outlet to show off, and no interested parties will know I exist. So I will write.



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  1. Hello, I’ve just gone through your Instagram page and decided to check out the link in your bio. You say you’re not that of a writer, but I found humour in almost all your Instagram post and this particular post I’m commenting on was quite humorous. Attention span isn’t a lot nowadays but you kept me reading through the entire blog. I wanted to just comment that maybe you can write more often, because those who are into tech or programming like myself wouldn’t mind some humour and knowledge at the same time. Cheers.

    • Hey thank you, that really means a lot to me. I’ll definitely write some more, like I said here, I want to use this platform to write up some tutorials and detail some projects. I’m thankful you reached out though, it’s good to know someone is interested.

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