Use quicksend, it is a command line utility for transferring files that does not require any extraneous libraries, configuration, etc. It is a small program (about 100kb) that quickly transfers files between two systems.

I wrote quicksend because I find it a pain to use cloud servers for moving files between PC’s on my local network. I don’t have much media on my computers, so I don’t have a big need for setting up a network file share between them. An NFS like samba is a fine solution, but in that moment where I wanted to send a file and not have to configure a samba share, I couldn’t find anything.

I did complain a bit on a forum and got some feedback that I was being lazy, well yes, I was being lazy. Computers are supposed to make these kinds of things easy! The whole point is to limit the work, but it’s also true that many programs come out of “lazy programmers” and quicksend is another example of it.

Right now it requires being compiled manually, but soon I’ll create pre-built binaries and attach them to the release.



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