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We’ve been writing specialty software for large tech companies for years, now we want to put custom software into the hands of everyone.

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As I continue to experiment, I’ll be posting write ups, tutorials, and references. Come visit later to see what’s new.

Source code: https://github.com/dangarbri/thermostat-screen-turn-on-thing
Use quicksend, it is a command line utility for transferring files that does not require any extraneous libraries, configuration, etc. It is a small program (about 100kb) that quickly transfers files between two systems. I wrote quicksend because I find it a pain to use cloud […]
This is the fastest, simplest, easiest, least wordy tutorial you’ll find on setting up an Xcode project that actually works. Download Cocos2D-X from here (This tutorial is using version 4.0)Extract the zip and move the folder to somewhere like ~/Documents (If you leave it in your […]

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